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PKM College of Education is a single Department Teacher Education Institution offering Two Year B.Ed. Programme in six different Pedagogic courses viz. English, Malayalam, Mathematics, Natural Science, Physical Science and Social Sciences

Language Education: English

The true moulding of English teachers through a variety of activities with the motto ‘excellence through innovations and hard work’ is what happens in the English Language Education class. English through current affairs, English through Arts and culture, English through sports, English through festivals, English through fun and humour, English through anything and everything… this is the catchword of this department. Pedago-literary meetings are convened periodically on relevant literary and social themes so that literary, pedagogic, histrionic, publicational and documenting potentials are unfolded.

Language Education: Malayalam

Mother Tongue Education with its richness, variety and sweetness with the motto ‘Proud to be a Malayalam Teacher’ is undertaken in the class. Pedago-literary meetings are convened frequently on burning literary and social issues through which academic, pedagogic, literary, histrionic, documentation, publicational and organizational potentials are enriched.

Mathematics Education

Every great math teacher should have an extensive understanding of mathematics and should know how to teach mathematics effectively and interestingly. So each student teacher will get an opportunity to undergo a thorough training process and thereby they acquire the knowledge and skills they need to teach learners effectively. The knowledge they get gives them the confidence to explain clearly all the mathematical concepts to their students easily.

Natural Science Education

Natural Science Education stands for creating qualified natural science teachers with creative abilities, naturalistic intelligence and positive attitude to fulfil the needs of our society through a various multidimensional learning activities, packages, processes. The class organizes different programmes to inculcate scientific knowledge, attitude, skill and creativity etc. to become efficient, scientific, talented and creative teachers to contribute more to our society.

Physical Science Education

The Physical Science Education aims at preparing Next Generation Science Teachers focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals as envisaged by United Nations and in parity with the aims and objectives of teaching science designed by National Curricular Framework (NCF) and Kerala Curricular Framework (KCF). For Curriculum Transaction Process, the Physical Science Education class has framed its own Curricular Transaction Design focusing on the ‘Issues in science learning’ for which Classroom Based Research Projects, Conferences with Interactive Forums, Observance of Scientific Days, Extension Activities and Collaborations are undertaken which have resulted in Curricular Products including research contributions by faculty and student teachers, development of learning resources and reforms in lesson planning.

Social Science Education

The subject of social science is an unending dialogue between past and present and an analysis by which we can mould a better future. The main aim of teaching social science is to inculcate patriotism, creative attitude and human values. Seminars, workshops, wall magazines, documentation of social issues etc. are organised to develop various values and relevant skills.

General Education and Physical Education

The General Education deals the Core Courses of the B.Ed programme which gives a general view on the different perspectives of Education. The Physical Education gives an overall view on fitness concepts for a teacher.

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